HCC Store for dogs and cats

We have three boutiques inside of the three Painted tree locations in IL!

Bloomingdale - 368 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL Our booth (E15) is located inside of Bloomingdale Painted Tree. Straight back to the left of the waterfall.  

Naperville - 240 S IL-59, Naperville, IL 60540 Our booth (D31) is located back and to the right of the waterfall and around the corner!

Kildeer / Lake Zurich - 20771 N Rand Rd, Kildeer, IL Our booth (H12) is located not far from the registers, on the back corner of the first H section.

We are a small store that focuses on enrichment and training activities. All of the products we stock for a reason.

Here are some of our top reasons to stock anything:
1. They're durable.
2. They're mentally stimulating.
3. They're tools we recommend for weight management, stress and anxiety.
4. They're just great assets to have when owning a dog or are just flat out fun!

We like to find the products that survive all dogs and help their owners keep their sanity.

If there are products or any inquiries you have please feel free to contact us, request a product or find us on Facebook!

The store is pet friendly so feel free to bring your pet with you to check out the shop!  Of course, please be mindful of others, keep distance between other pets before asking if they can say hi or play. Please respect the dog friendly store and make sure to clean up after your pet!